Lisa M. Contos Shoaf, Ph.D. 2002

Research Interests

My interests are in the area of auditory word recognition. Currently, I am investigating the cues people use when segmenting continuous speech. In other words, what information do listeners use to determine where one word ends and the next word begins in a string of speech? In addition, I have researched an auditory illusion known as the verbal transformation effect to determine what causes and what influences the illusion. I also have ongoing research investigating strategic effects in a phonological priming paradigm.


Outside of academic life, I like to spend my time with my husband, Rick, my daugher, Sydney, and our crazy lab, Roscoe. I also enjoy outdoor activities such as running, hiking, and gardening.


Pitt, M.A., & Shoaf, L.C. (2002). Linking Verbal Transformations to their Causes. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 28, 150-162. Figures mentioned in Footnote 2. Example Stimuli.

Pitt, M.A., & Shoaf, L.C. (2001). A new approach to the problem of strategic effects in pword-initial phonological priming. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Shoaf, L.C., & Pitt, M.A. (2001). A Test of Nord Stability in Node Structure Theory. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Shoaf, L.C., & Pitt, M.A. (1998). Inhibition in Phonological Priming: Lexical or Strategic Effect? Poster presented at the 39th annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Dallas, TX.

Contact Information

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